As Real Estate continues to grow and evolve, I thought it would be fun to jump on here and give you some insight into how things have changed for me since I started this Real Estate Company. I hit a big milestone of 10 years this February, and some things have changed… including the grey hair!

Then: I was overwhelmed with the number of things I still had to learn. Fearful of all of the worst-case scenarios and very excited to start a new adventure. I had left a completely different industry after 10 years’ experience in Natural Health and it was a BIG change. I was JUST pregnant with our first son and was terribly sick. Showings were HARD and those darn LOCKBOXES! Why did they not teach us how to use those in school? I had to plan my water intake around vacant open house bathroom availability (actually, I still have to do that) and I was super critical of myself. I had to Google Map everything because my coverage area was so large, and I am directionally challenged on a good day. I wore heels to every appointment with boots in my trunk for farms, large properties and home inspections. I remember calling the Listing Agent for my first showing and I was so confused as to why she did not need more personal information or ID to access someones home?!? I felt like a moron when I asked, and she told me that she will be looking up all of my information to verify in her system as soon we got off the phone and sending the access information though my office.

OK. That makes sense.

Now: I still get overwhelmed some days, but it is an entirely different kind only if I didn’t manage my time properly. In my 10th year in Real Estate, I have learned A LOT. The lockboxes are pretty easy now, although I still wear heels and bring boots. I have had 2 boys who are awesome, and we spend tons of time together on weekends doing as many cool things as we can. Running a business can be stressful, but when you have the right help, anything is possible! We have an incredible office manager, Ashley, and my husband Chris who is also a full-time Realtor now. I still need to Google Map my appointments because over coverage area has grown even larger and I have knocked on the wrong door before.

I am really excited for what the next 10 years will bring because of all of the continued learning, amazing opportunities, and all of the really interesting people I have met. I have some exciting things planned for the future of the company and I cannot wait for the next chapter.