You have been home. A LOT. We all have. Maybe you are like some people and have fallen in love with your home all over again during all this time within it and you are feeling completely in your element. Or, maybe you are going stir crazy and you wish you had spent more time energy, time and resources getting your home the way you wanted it BEFORE you found-out you would be spending an unforeseen amount of time in it. You are not alone! Here are some of the top ways I recommend falling in love with your space again.



Is there an area in your home that REALLY needs something? Maybe it is a new paint colour, an accent wall, indoor plants, new curtains or updating the furniture. Think of the space you spend the most time in that bugs you the most and you know could use that ONE thing and JUST DO IT!


Re- organize

Clutter can cause you to feel negative emotions like overwhelm and anxiety and tackling clutter will make you feel INSTANTLY better. When you are spending a ,lot of time in your home it can begin to affect your mood over time. Start with a small space like your junk drawer and work your way to closets or the garage. Before you know it, your house will feel larger and you may even uncover a new space that can be re-purposed.



Are you the type of person that gets energized by being with people or being alone? When realized that I get re-charged by being alone, I was able to re-purpose a room in my house where I can use just for that. It is a great stress-reliever to be able to read a great book, have an energizing yoga session or chill with my favourite drink.

If you are the type of person that is energized being with people, maybe you could set-up a great zoom area for a virtual party, or make your dining space extra appealing for a themed dinner night with your family.



Re-evaluate your outdoor space and consider adding some outdoor seating, a tabletop fireplace or building a campfire pit. Getting outside and enjoying the elements, even if it is February, can make you feel like a new person. Then you can start planning all of the ways to enjoy it when the weather gets better and we can have more time together with friends and family. We are all looking forward to those days!