Smells have always affected me tremendously. And I know I am not the only one. We all know that smells can trigger memories both good and bad. When you are a selling your home, this is absolutely critical to keep in mind.

When I was younger, about 3 or 4, my mom was a hairdresser and she used to travel to other people’s homes that she knew, and cut their hair for them. On a particularly unlucky day for my mom, she brought me with her to a person’s home. I remember walking into the home. Every home had a smell and this one was bad. I was young, and my manners were not great apparently because I stated quite loudly – “Mom, this place stinks and I want to go home!” She was appalled of course, and still feels the intense humiliation and sting of her red face if she recalls this story now.

Obviously as adults, we have a filter and we do not typically blurt things out like that with others around. But the thing to remember is that every home has a smell. That smell can trigger emotions for people and if it is negative, it can make them feel uneasy. Whether it is conscious or not.

When you decide to sell your home, you will need to address the smell if it is negative, but even if it is not it would be wise to do a scent-check for potential Buyers.

How do you address the smells? If there is a known cause such as pet odours, dampness, or a garbage then it is a pretty easy fix. Make sure the carpets are cleaned well, fix any dampness issues with locating the source and repairing and, or running a dehumidifier. Garbage needs to be removed immediately and using neutralizing substances are a big help such as baking soda or a mild essential oil.

Beyond that, there are other smells that you may not notice as the home owner. Opening windows and letting fresh-air in can make a big difference as well as baking fresh bread. Using a stove-top potpourri before showings is one idea that we love! Try to avoid all synthetic smells like plug-ins or spray fresheners as they can be very offensive to most people and a complete health hazard to anyone with allergies.

Keeping these things in mind when you are selling your home can have a dramatic impact on the Buyer’s overall impression and desire to purchase the home.

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