Once you decide you are going to begin your home search, you will be surprised how much information people share with you. It is certainly great to hear from other’s experience and can be very helpful, but you will also want to get the advice of a qualified professional to make sure you are on the right path.

Here, you will find 3 home Myths that will help get you started.

Myth 1- You need a 20% down payment to purchase a home. This is a HUGE Myth. 20% Down Payment certainly has its benefits but is definitely not required.  Every situation is different and you need to get the best advice from a qualified lender before diving in head-first.

Myth 2- It doesn’t matter if you have a Realtor working with you

Many people decide that they do not want to work exclusively with a Real Estate Agent, or do not know that they can, and they will not hire one. Therefore, they are on their own when trying to find a home, receiving new listing notifications, scheduling showings, preparing and negotiating the offer. And that is just the beginning!! Unfortunately, when you do not have someone working for you, you may overpay for the home or miss out because you did not know the market very well or miss things in the offer that you should have included. With such a big investment, it is always best to have a professional working with you and looking out for your interests.

Myth 3- You should wait until spring to start your home search. This is something we hear every day! You should start your home search when you are ready to buy your home! There is less competition with other Buyers when you are not looking in a prime-season and that means less chance of a competing offer.

You are already way ahead of most Buyers now that you know these myths! The next step is to book an appointment with a Realtor that you decide you want to work with to review the entire process so you can be set-up for success! Contact me here if you would like to schedule a time to chat.