You have decided to sell your home- congratulations! You and your Realtor have decided that an Open House is a good marketing strategy for your home and you are now wondering what you can do to best prepare. I can help! Here are the top things Sellers can do to best prepare for an Open House

Put yourself in their shoes

Go outside and look at the home as if you are a new Buyer pulling -up to the driveway. Check for glaring issues such as disarray or improperly maintained items of course, which would have been addressed prior to listing, but also check your curb appeal. Clean off walkways, add colour outside and make sure the house number is clearly visible. 

Prep your home for visitors.

Now is the time to go that extra mile by adding pops of colour and plants to liven-up your space. When Buyers can see themselves in your home, they naturally want to buy it!

Fresh smells are best.

Sometimes there are odours that can be overwhelming and very off-putting. If you have strong odours you will need to address them immediately. I always caution homeowners against using air fresheners as they can be strong and cause allergic reactions and make it seem like you are masking a bigger issue. Natural smells are always best, like fresh bread or cookies. Or, click here for some great recipes to simmer on your stove. Just don’t forget to turn it off!

Try playing music in the background.

It adds an extra sense of “ hominess” when there are soft tunes in the background. Make sure it is not too distracting and try to keep it on low volume.

I recommend this playlist:  Lunch Time- The Best of Jazz and Chillout on Spotify for open houses.

Stow away valuables

As a seller, it is wise to always remove or secure valuables. PLEASE. Although most people are very trustworthy, it is always better safe than sorry!

Pack up personal items.

When you initially prepare your home for the market, your stager will recommend that you pack away items to make the rooms spacious and more appealing. Having a storage bin, or a couple of them depending on your family size can be a great way to pack up the items you would use daily and do not want left out such as toiletries or personal mementos. I recommend having fresh towels kept in them to replace on the day of open house as well as some other staging items you may not keep out regularly like small artificial plants or throw pillows to make the turn-over easier. These are great for short-notice showings as well.


Lots of Sellers are anxious to have buyers in their home and excited to make it as successful as possible. I strongly recommend leaving for the open house because if you hover, you will run the risk of making Buyer’s uncomfortable and not being able to speak openly. This is important for a successful open house and to get their feedback on things that may need to be addressed. Use it to catch-up on groceries or hit the gym for an extra workout!

You are now well on your way to a successful open house. If you would like more information on How To Create The Most Demand When Listing Your Home For Sale, send us a message here and we will get it over to you right away!